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What is coaching?

Personalized coaching can help you move from where you are now to where you want to be

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Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching and therapy can both can be transformational — but each will take you on a very different journey.

Though there’s huge variation in types of therapy, in general the therapeutic process tends to focus primarily on mental health, untangling problems, and healing from past life challenges.

Coaching, on the other hand, is strictly pragmatic and action oriented. The coaching process looks mainly towards the future.

Parent Coaching

Specifically, parent coaching can help move you from how you’re parenting now, to how you want to be parenting. It is specific to you: your family, your needs, your goals. With a personalized approach, crafted to meet you exactly where you are – and with someone holding you accountable for your progress – real change is more likely to happen. What’s more, that change can happen more quickly and is more likely to stick.

Our coaching is…

  • Goal focused, short term, and forward looking.
  • Making and sticking to action plans
  • Building self awareness, confidence
  • Feeling empowered
  • A professional relationship in which we are a team. I make suggestions, but it’s you on the path, doing the work
  • Education, support, and encouragement
  • Judgment free
  • Individualized solutions

Our coaching is not…

  • Therapy
  • Focused on mental health
  • A way to diagnose problems
  • A path to fixing past wounds or unpacking the past
  • A magic wand
  • A process for me to solve your problems for you
  • One size fits all
  • A top down relationship in which I am the expert and you are the patient

Parent coaching, Dr. Mieke style

I use science-informed strategies that are realistic and straightforward to help you focus on the connection between you and your kid. We can work on specific struggles, or work generally on creating more confidence, more calm, more peace, and more loving and joyful moments with your kids.

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The perfect, “right,” way to parent

I am not here to offer you the perfect, “right,” way to parent because that doesn’t exist. I won’t solve your problems for you; no one can do that but you! What I CAN do is help you find the solutions that fit you and your family. I will guide you in creating an individualized path towards reaching your goals. I’ll help you pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t working – and why. Together we’ll come up with different things to try. You’ll practice and report back. And importantly, we’ll all practice patience – because meaningful change takes time!

Coaching Expertise

My approach is informed by a wealth of experience! I have a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and have worked with and for kids and families for over 20 years. I am a Certified Life Coach, as upheld by the leading global organization for coaches, the International Coaching Federation. I am also a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a member of the Positive Discipline Association.

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