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Educational Technology Product Development

We can help your company build or improve your educational tech product and engage parents for better learning. Schedule a call to find out more.

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The major defining feature of 21st century childhood is technology

It’s hard to overstate just how much digital technology has transformed our lives. Screens are ever-present and the whole world is literally at our fingertips at all times. These digital tools are powerful; let’s use that power to make a positive impact for kids in the 21st century.

Are we on the same page? Do you have a tech product – or an idea for one – that you think will do amazing things for kids? With my expert consulting services, I can:

  • Help you build or improve your product for high engagement and maximum learning.
  • Provide expert guidance on child development and how ages and stages affect optimal tech design.
  • Engage parents to get buy-in and participation.
  • Help you make your product stand out. We’ll solve the problem of entering into a crowded field with lots of products (that don’t alway live up to their big claims)


Average amount of time 8-12 year olds in the U.S. spend on screens every day.


Age above which kids can learn from thoughtfully designed children’s media.

19 times

Amount of increased likelihood for toddlers transferring learning off screen when parents are available for high quality engagement.

Expert guidance on development

It may seem simple, but in the excitement to roll out designs and products, is too often overlooked: Tech needs to be designed with kids in mind!

A kid’s age and developmental level changes everything about what excites them, what they already know and what they need to learn, and how they’re likely to engage with your product. With a strong background in child development I inform your design process in essential ways.

Expert guidance on development

Engaging parents

The more parents are part of the equation the better. Whether they play with their kids or follow their progress behind the scenes, more parent involvement makes for better learning. But parents are busy and it isn’t always easy to get them to pay attention. I guide you through strategies to make parent engagement seamless, easy, and natural.

Engaging parents

What we bring

Mieke VanderBorght, the founder of The Global Digital Mindful Project, holds a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and has conducted extensive research on kids’ learning from screen media. She’s also written over 600 parent and teacher reviews of apps, websites, movies, and short form video content.

That work required in-depth testing of the products and clear solid knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Through those years of research, product reviewing, and parent coaching, Dr. Mieke also know what parents’ concerns are and how to reach them.

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