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Advocacy, Education, Policy

We offer expert advisory services, helping your organization in its efforts to create safe, nurturing spaces where 21st century kids can thrive

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Supporting the Global Village

Raising kids has always been a big job and parents have never been able to do it on their own. In the 21st century, that’s more true than ever before. We set kids up for success when we act together as a global village of caring adults.

There are lots of organizations in the global village that can pitch in and contribute to supporting kids and families.

Here’s just a sampling of the types of organizations I work with:

  • Governmental agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Research programs, both in academia and not
  • Schools


Parents across Europe who believe that digital citizenship should be taught in school and at home.


Teachers from 38 countries around the world who feel their training has prepared them to engage effectively with digital technology in the classroom.


Parents in the U.S. name overuse of social media as their top mental health concern for their kids.

Guidelines and Policies

Governmental support and agency policies are what sets the stage for the community. Let’s craft clear goals and expectations around creating and maintaining safe, healthy environments for families and kids.

We advise on guidelines and best practices on topics such as:

  • General Parenting
    • Mindful parenting
    • Parenting in the digital age
    • Parenting across cultures
  • Child Development
  • Supporting kids’ learning and development in families and informal learning spaces
  • Digital wellness and digital citizenship
  • Cross cultural families
Guidelines and policies


We offer engaging interactive workshops for kids, parents, teachers, and other professionals in formal settings (like schools) or informal settings (like your neighborhood parent’s group). Topics are customizable and on demand, but they can include:

  • Parenting
  • Child development
  • Digital wellness
  • Managing kids’ social media
Workshops scaled

Research Projects

In the 21st century, society changes at the speed of light. Advancements in technology happen more quickly than traditional research can keep up with. Despite that, it’s still vitally important for us to explore the impact on kids of new tools and paradigms.

With a strong background in developmental psychology and educational technology research we contribute to projects about tech and kids, digital wellness, and parenting.

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Making Research Accessible

Academic-type research plays a key role in our general knowledge. But sometimes folks need help understanding how scientific findings can help them in their daily lives. That’s why translating research for parents, teachers, policy makers, and educational tech creators is essential. We distill the science into relevant, useful, and actionable information for those who need it the most.

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Schools and Educational Curricula

What’s your school’s approach to students’ digital wellness? Don’t have a policy? We can help you create one.

Teachers need as much help and guidance on how to support and encourage healthy, safe environments. We can provide teacher training on digital citizenship and digital wellness.

We are also available to give workshops to parents through parent education nights or PTA meetings.

Schools and educational curricula

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