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Family media plan

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the power and pull of screens. Create a mindful media approach.

Family media plan Family media plan

What to expect

From mindless media consumption to mindful media interaction.

You feel like screen usage in your family is getting out of control and you don’t know what’s reasonable anymore. You’re worried about what your kids are doing with screens and you want guidance on how to make sure they’re staying safe and healthy. We’ll work together to on realistic strategizing and planning that puts you back in charge, and empowers you and your family to use media mindfully.

Pre-session: Tell me about you and your family

You’ll fill out a brief intake form to tell me about your family and what your media approach looks like now. You’ll have a chance to mention your family’s bright spots and specific challenges around media use.

Main strategy-session: Create a family mindful media plan

We’ll discuss specific media guidelines that are right for your family. You’ll come out with a clear direction, plus a personalized family media contract for you and other family members to sign.

Post-session: Summary and follow up

After our session, I’ll email you a summary with specific action points and your personalized family media plan.

Email check in

About one week after our live session, I’ll check in with you to see how things are going. This is your chance to celebrate your wins and adjust things that aren’t working.

Follow-up live session

About 2-4 weeks after our main session, we’ll get back on video chat to see how things are going. By then you’ll have a good idea of what changes are working and where you still have questions. Together, we’ll adjust as needed. By now you’re well on your way towards a mindful media approach in your family!

Continuing Support

Let’s face it: even the best plans in theory can get a little confusing when we try to put them into practice. Especially with our kids. That’s why I’ll be available through Voxer at any time starting from the first live video session until 1 week after our follow-up session. Through short voice messages, you’ll get encouragement, clarifications, and support.

What this isn’t

Digital wellness is such a big topic! With just one session, we’ll spend every minute on creating your family’s perfect mindful media agreement. If you’re interested in more, you’ll want to check out other packages such as the clarity and confidence starter kit or the more joy less stress breakthrough.

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