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Calling all parents! Feeling lost knowing how to help your kids with the ins and outs of AI? Download our AI conversation starters!

Feeling lost about how to approach AI with your kids?

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AI has captured our attention!

Predictions for the impact of AI range from the end of humanity to solving the world’s problems. AI just may be the tech tool with the most potential for radically influencing kids’ lives, today and in the future.

And while everyone is busy feverishly developing new tools and passionately debating their impact, our kids are just living their lives growing up in a 21st century world.

As parents, we can’t wait for answers: the time is NOW to guide our kids through it all. But how?





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Your guide to helping your kids understand AI

What you’ll get

  • What’s important to KNOW about child development as it relates to using and understanding AI.
  • Age appropriate explanations that you can use, word-for-word, so you know what to SAY to explain what AI is.
  • Open ended questions to ASK kids to get those AI conversations started.
  • ACTIONS you can take

Encourage AI Literacy

Whether you’re an AI expert, know nothing about it, or are somewhere in between, you’ll find reasonable, actionable solutions for helping your kids become fluent, savvy — and safe — when using AI.

Advice customized to four age groups — from preschoolers to high schoolers — to help you approach AI conversations, no matter how old they are

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Author of your FREE guide

Mieke VanderBorght, PhD

With a doctorate in child development, 20+ years experience researching and advising families and organizations, and two 21st century kids of her own, Dr. Mieke brings a wealth of expertise to her guidance.