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One time strategy

You have a particular challenge that’s got you stumped. I have solutions.

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What to expect

You have a particular itch you’re having trouble scratching – a parenting question or challenge that’s keeping you up at night. You want to check in with a compassionate expert who can help you strategize solutions and point you in the right direction. Or, we’ve already worked together, but you feel like you could use a reset. This one time parenting strategy session is for you.

Pre-session: Tell me about you, your family, and your concern.

Fill out a brief intake form to tell me about your family and describe your challenge.

Strategy session: Talk about solutions and make a plan.

I’ll bring a small dose of theory and some clear ideas for strategies and solutions.

We can talk through a few ideas, and identify the ones that fit you and your family best.

You’ll leave with a clear roadmap for moving past your challenge.

Post-session: Summary and action plan.

I’ll send a follow up email summarizing our call and outlining your personalized action plan.

Continuing Support

Let’s face it: even the best plans in theory can get a little confusing when we try to put them into practice. Especially with our kids. That’s why I’ll be available through Voxer for one week after our session to give you encouragement, clarifications, and support.

What this isn’t

Parenting is complex and so are its challenges. We’ll spend every minute of our single session hyper focused on the ONE specific issue you want to solve. So we won’t have the chance to get into anything deep. If you’re interested in going deeper to find more confidence, peace of mind, and joy in your parenting, check out other packages such as the clarity and confidence starter kit or the more joy less stress breakthrough.


I offer a few different options for helping you feel more confident in your parenting.

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