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Parent Coaching

We help parents turn down the intensity of modern day parenting so that they can raise their 21st century kids with more confidence, more peace of mind — and more fun too

Parent coaching Parent coaching

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    Dr. Mieke has a wealth of ideas and insights that have had a huge impact on my parenting. She listened attentively, with empathy and compassion, and truly understood my concerns and goals as a parent. What sets her apart is her practical approach and realistic perspective. Instead of overwhelming me with theories and ideals, she offered actionable advice and strategies that fit easily into my life.


    Mom of 4


    I can’t thank Dr. Mieke enough for her unwavering support and expertise. I highly recommend her to any parent seeking guidance and confidence on their parenting journey!


    Dad of 2


    Screens are often a challenging aspect of modern parenting, but Dr. Mieke helped us navigate this territory with grace and understanding. By emphasizing reasonable and balanced decisions, she showed us how to avoid turning negotiations over device usage into battles of wills.

    Simon and Jess

    Parents of 3


    Working with Dr. Mieke has been an absolute game-changer for me as an expat parent. Raising kids in a foreign country comes with its unique set of challenges, and I found myself feeling overwhelmed and uncertain at times. From our very first session, Dr. Mieke provided not only insightful guidance but also a deep understanding of the expat parenting experience, having navigated it herself. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any expat parent seeking guidance, support, and a compassionate understanding.


    Mom of 2


    Dr. Mieke’s gentle guidance and encouragement have empowered me to set boundaries while still fostering a nurturing and loving environment for my little ones.


    Mom of 3


    Dr. Mieke’s approach wasn’t about perfection; it was about finding what works for me and my family. And let me tell you, that’s important when you’re navigating curfews, screen time battles, and the occasional eye-roll.


    Mom of 1


    What I appreciated most about Dr. Mieke was her ability to cut through the noise and help me tune into my parental instincts. She didn’t just add to the cacophony of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts.’ Rather, she helped me find my own rhythm, quirks, and all. This newfound clarity has been invaluable in navigating the complexities of raising my kid in a foreign culture.


    Mom of 1

Parenting has never been easy. Parenting 21st century kids is a whole new challenge.

The landscape for 21st century families is different. Kids are global, with connections and experiences that cross borders and cultures. Kids are digital, with incredibly powerful tools constantly at their fingertips. And parenting is more all-encompassing and intense than ever before, even as we’re preparing kids for a future we have trouble envisioning. The concept of being mindful is absolutely key – both to help regulate us as caregivers, and as we help our kids develop vital emotional intelligence skills.

How can parents stay grounded while supporting their kids in this global, digital, mindful era?

As your international parent coach, I can help.

I know the theories, expertise, and science – but I also know their limits. So, in addition to the textbook parenting suggestions, I bring a reality check, loads of empathy, a historical perspective, cross cultural awareness, and unlimited encouragement.

And you bring you. Your family, your values, your goals.

Together, we’ll get rid of the guilt, the shame, the doubt. We’ll shed all the unnecessary noise to find peace, purpose, confidence, and self compassion. We’ll find your parenting identity so that you can enjoy your 21st century kids.

I am based in Europe and work virtually with English-speaking parents around the world.


of parents in the U.S. say that parenting is at least somewhat harder than they thought it would be.


of kids today will end up in careers that don't even exist yet.


Number of European countries in which parents with more support also report higher levels of life satisfaction.

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Parenting for connection

I don’t follow any particular parenting method. No one approach will fit every parent, every kid, and every phase of a family’s life. That said, I tend towards what can generally be called positive parenting.

That means that I focus on helping you prioritize a caring respectful relationship built on a combination of love, warmth, consistent boundaries, and clear expectations.

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Research informed

Don’t just take my word for it! Every theory, idea, or suggestion I make is informed by research. I bring a vast knowledge of the latest science on how kids learn and grow, and what parenting practices tend to lead to the best outcomes. But I’m also aware that sometimes the theories don’t translate well to practice – and that every kid and every parent is different.

I bring a unique combination of common sense and research-based theories – and have years of experience applying that blend to real-life, real family situations. It’s an ideal combination of solid foundation and pragmatic realism!

Research informed

Cross culture parenting

The idea of raising kids in a global village hits particularly close to home for anyone raising kids outside their country or culture of origin. In some circles, these kids are called third culture (or cross culture) kids.

There are so many unique experiences that families face when all or parts of the culture or language inside their home doesn’t match the one outside their home! Through professional expertise – and as a parent of cross culture kids myself – my assistance as an international parent coach can help guide you through some of those special challenges.

Cross culture parenting

Parenting for digital wellness

There’s no way we can talk about childhood and parenting today without mentioning technology. The digital world has transformed everyone’s lives, including kids and parents. With or without our guidance, it doesn’t take long for our kids to learn to be digitally savvy.

But we still have a vitally important role to play in helping them learn to be digitally literate. There’s lots of advice out there for digital wellness, but you’re in good company if you often feel lost in understanding how to make the guidelines work for your family. Let’s work it out together!

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No to judgment, yes to empathy

No parent needs another critic. You’ve already got online parenting message groups and your in-laws for that! I know that we all want the best for our kids. I also know that, at any given moment, we’re all just doing our best with the information, resources, and energy we have at that time.

You’re here because you have a goal to grow as a parent, and we’ll get there starting from a place of empathy and acceptance of wherever you are right now.

No to judgment yes to empathy

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is a goal-oriented journey that can help you confidently parent at your best.

Read More about coaching
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I can help with

We’ll work together to identify your goals and create a plan for success. Here are just a few of the things I can help you with:

  • Identify your parenting style, define your goals, and find your parenting groove.
  • Navigate issues around schooling such as homework, making friends, and performance expectations
  • Set limits, and stick to them
  • Eliminate power struggles
  • Successfully manage temper tantrums and big emotions
  • Develop calm and efficient responses to difficult behavior
  • Feel more in control in your role as parent
  • Learn about developmental milestones
  • Learn about emotion coaching
  • Give effective praise
  • Understand who your kid is and gain insight into how their temperament affects their behavior and their relationship with you
  • Deconstruct parenting fads and find the approach that works for you
  • Yell less, have more fun
  • Manage media and tech with purpose

And because I’m an international parent coach, it doesn’t matter where you’re located!


I offer a few different options for helping you feel more confident in your parenting.

Let’s chat!

Schedule a free introductory session to see how we can help you achieve your parenting goals.

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