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What to expect

Through eight 50-minute sessions, we’ll work on discovering your parenting identity. We’ll find your north star, uncover your natural strengths, and pinpoint your specific challenges.

Discover your parenting identity

We’ll discuss my golden triangle for peaceful parenting I’ll help you align it with your parenting goals. Throughout it all, we’ll explore a variety of parenting strategies, share tips and tricks, and dig deep into what changes you can make to get you closer to being the parent you want to be.

After each session, I’ll send you a personalized email summarizing what we discussed and outlining a clear action plan.

Ongoing support for real growth

It’s one thing to talk about theories and ideas. It’s another thing entirely when you’re trying to put it into practice with your kid. That’s why throughout the time that we are working together, I’ll be available for brief feedback through Voxer. Send me a voice message with your questions and concerns (or your successes!) and I’ll help guide you so that you can stick to your goals (or celebrate with you when you have a win!).


I offer a few different options for helping you feel more confident in your parenting.

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